Monday, November 17, 2014

Speeding Towards The END

..the end of the year that is!  How can it be?

November is flying by, even though it has been a rather uneventful month so far!
Weather wise we know it is autumn now, with a bit of chill in the mornings and even a couple of wet days!  Hallelujah we say!  The surrounding mountains are turning green.  That velvety, beautiful GREEN!

Garbo is taking me to dog school again.  Monday mornings are now dedicated to a Rally Class.  Our Instructor Tiffanie Moyano of Dog Logic U is priceless!  She knows her stuff and she knows her dogs. TRULY!  She is one of the most positive persons I have ever met.  Making us all feel good about our efforts no matter how klutzy we are!  There will be reports of our progress... never fear!

As the days roll by with the photographer spending time at the "salt mine," not whistling while he works, let me say... Garbo and I holding down the fort.  Walking, cooking, cleaning and baking.  The latest masterpiece Baklava!  That is some dangerous stuff!  As my Maria said: "crispy fillo dough, crunchy nuts, local honey and butter!  What's NOT to like?"

One of our grandsons is on his way back from a week end visit in Santa Barbara!  Said he'd stop here on his way home to San Jose; so I am heading for the kitchen!  Enchiladas filled with mushrooms, cheese and black beans are on the menu, along with pinto beans and mexican rice!  I better get cooking. The grandson who lives nearby will join us for dinner too. We take great pleasure in the fact that they come to visit!

Then soon... Thanksgiving!  Another Food Fest with Family!

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  1. Så fint ni har det så här års. Du skulle inte vilja vara här i Sverige nu. Det är så grått, så grått, så grått. Mycket mindre soltimmar än vi brukar ha i november - och det är ju inte mycket det heller.