Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bourbon Whiskey in a Glass

It is remarkable how some of the things we have around us, items we look at every day, things we touch and use, wash and put away, how much feeling there is in them.  How many deep feelings these items can convey.  Various dishes I prepare can have the same effect, even preparing a certain food or food items can dredge up  the most tender or memorable moments.

The photographer received a hand blown glass, created in a small glassworks called Ulva Kvarn outside the city of Uppsala in Sweden, several years back.  A gift from Monica and Richard, my "big" sister and her husband.

The photographer and Richard have always had a very special relationship.  A kindred kind.  An easy and uncomplicated friendship.  They laugh together, a lot.

 It is unclear to me if the glass is of special importance due to the relationship or because of the gift giving gesture.  Probably both.  This glass comes out of  the cabinet on special occasions.  On an evening when the photographer feels he deserves an extra treat.  Or a special reward.  Sometimes because he is contemplative.  This glass is never used without  references of the two persons who sent it, always with  a bit of special emphasis on Richard.  This glass means a lot.

Sometimes it contains some very good gin, but more often a wee dram of Bourbon or two.

A couple of weeks ago, a late afternoon, that glass was filled.  The photographer snapped a picture, printed a card, gave it to me and asked me to send it off to the gift givers.  I am the one who enjoys sending cards with hand written notes, far and near, after all.....  The photographer takes pictures, prints cards for me to use, then I spread them all over the globe.  This particular card is still here!  Before it gets stashed away, never to be found again, I better get on the stick!

There are  many items here, that when used set off a string of thoughts, triggers memories and makes us think of various people, reflecting on, not only the past, but all sorts of  situations.

Treasures!  Our treasures!  Not because of monetary value..... but worth their weight in gold.
With Mid Summer Celebration upon us, perhaps that glass will be used this weekend again, lifted in honor of this years longest day and shortest night.... I will be happy to sip some wine, using one of my Mothers glasses.

There will be herring, potatoes with dill, eggs, smoked salmon and such...


..and oh yes, I better get on, writing a note on that card!

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  1. Fina glas ska man vårda och dricka ur med aktning.Min mat- och vattenskål är av handgjord keramik. Matte fick flera stycken, som blev över i samband med Stockholm jubileumsmarathon (100 år sedan OS i Stockholm). Jag fick två.
    Hälsa Garbo och glad sommar på er!