Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Carmel By the Sea -- you see!

A day for shopping

enjoying this adorable dog friendly town

where there are many dog friends to meet

much news "to read"

small dogs to "kiss"

being in the center of attention!

There were even some cats,

in hats!

Window shopping!

....... and what might I (Ralle) ask, is THAT?

Time for a break in a shady place.

Resting all four and some toes.

A blue dog?

Doris Day memorabilia at The Cypress Inn.  She is the reason for the dog friendliness in this quaint town, we have been told.

Shopping and all that walking made us hungry.

The Future Chef enjoying Oysters

on the Half Shell..... Gulp!

Lovely grilled salmon on a bed of heirloom tomatoes and capers

Shrimp Fettuccini

Yea, we stuffed it all down

while the vigilant Ralle made sure we were not accosted by anyone!

Bread Pudding for desert

and NO we did not leave any of that behind either!

Ralle being greeted by yet another friend.

He did a little shopping too.

My turn!  I almost had to buy larger sizes after that late lunch.....

What a wonderful way to spend a day!  I shopped, Ralle shopped, the "true shopper" did not get a thing.  She drove us here and there and was the best company one could possibly have.  We have to do it again SOON!

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