Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Trip Back Home

I had some expectations.  They were all wrong.

The term we used to describe the long driving journey is "Flat-Buttage".  It is a descriptive phrase.  Nice sounding and very true words.

Stopped in a small town and saw this on the outside of
a main street building.  I could not resist.

Branson was...well...I'm not sure what to say.  Here are some photos.

Unbelievable just about describes it!
There were many churches driving through Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.  Is this what is called the Bible belt?

Much of the landscape here was also "Flat-Landage"

Coors Field in Denver

Early morning in Downtown Denver

Railroad work shop.

The beginning of the Rocky Mountains. 

Seeing this country gives one a whole different perspective of how tough it must have been for people trying to travel through and live in this type of landscape.

It was a great and fun trip.  When I saw this VW bus I thought to myself how grand a trip it would have been in one of these.  "Flat-Buttage"

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