Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Day at Work

Charlotte, Lars' wife came to help us.

We had to replace a bad magnetic valve, change an in line filter, and replace some leaky gaskets on an expansion valve.  This required a lot of tools and equipment to be taken to the top of the roof where the cooling machine was.   The machine provides cooling for an H&M department store.

Some of the tools we needed.
Had to take the equipment in an elevator to the 3rd floor.
Then up the stairs to the fourth floor and out to a walk way to the outside roof.
Then to another set of stairs at the end of the walk way.
Then once out on the first roof up the ladder to the second roof where the machine is.
Finally at the top with a view of Kärnan tower.
One of two compressor systems needing repair.
Tourists at the tower checking us out.
I think Charlotte is expecting me to do some work now.
View of the Rådhuset clock tower.
Another Helsingborg city view.
Finally we are finished.  Good Job if I do say so myself.
Well that was another day at Sonessons Kyl.  Life is good.  I like the Penguin logo.
Oh by the way Charlotte is known as the best looking refrigeration technician in Skåne.
I am not sure what I am known as.  The Americano?  Lars on the other hand is known as the lucky guy who is married to the best looking refrigeration technician in Skåne.

"The Americano" was a movie with Glenn Ford set in Brazil.  Do I look like Glenn Ford?

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