Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Wallop-aloosa !

Hurricane force winds they said on the radio yesterday morning.  The winds kept whipping all during the morning and throughout the night, but nothing at all with the kind of frenzy as in the middle of the night! Woke up before one AM with winds howling, the house vibrating and groaning.  The metal roofing over the laundry room banging and clanging.  Indicating that it was lose and about to fly off to, who knows, the British Islands or some such.  Sleep? Forget it!

Bosse was outside someplace, Ralle was wondering around in the kitchen.  The neighbors who live in the former millers house were up too.  Lights were on in the windows and I could see shadows of people walking back and forth, seemingly restlessly.

It is a weird feeling sitting in the house while it is swaying and moaning not being able to see what on earth is going on since it is pitch black outside.  Opening a door is a frightening prospect and not a wise option since it might just fly open taking you along for a ride.

We hunkered down here, had some tea while looking at the weather predictions on the computer.  Had not heard a word about the fact that a storm was brewing.......... Bosse eventually got our attention and David very carefully let him in. Man was that a happy cat !!  Ate some cooked chicken and went to bed.
This morning we were pleased to find that no damage had been done.  Charlotte's sign is down and the posts broken, the Oden flag post is laying flat out in the field across the road, otherwise all the surrounding houses seem to have chimneys in place and our metal roof is still attached and in tact lucky for us.

Now the report is that train traffic is not functioning well, car drivers are being warned that trees are down and there is  a lot of stuff laying in the roadways. Winds are still strong but nothing like in the night.
The sun is shining and the walk around the field this morning was a bit tricky as we were pushed in one direction and had to bend forward in order to get anywhere in the other. It will be interesting to see when Bosse wants to venture outside again.

No, dull it is not!

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  1. Wow! Sounds very nerve racking. Reminds me of the time we had the big wind storm here and trees were down everywhere. Could not even get out to go to work at Oakhurst Feed. Glad you got through it without any damage.