Sunday, November 7, 2010

No slow flow !

We had a couple of great guys here changing our super old septic system.  It would have been nice to know how inefficient that old antique non approved handmade tiny little hole in the ground was when we purchased this place.

Could have been useful as we negotiated the price.  But we did not investigate that part fully ourselves and the professional inspector we had hired, did not even think of looking at it.  In California one must provide a certificate to the new buyer assuring them the septic is in great shape. Had we not purchased this house first we would have been aware.......... Que Sera !    But that is not what I wanted to talk about.  Rather what nice professionals these guys were.  What a machine they had to do the digging and trenching!  We want one of those!  After less than two days we had our new cleaning, filtering newfangled system installed and can flush, shower, wash clothes and take baths to our hearts content.  Great we say.  Now THAT is done.

While you guys "over there" brag about 80 degrees F and then some, you should be aware that the snow indicator poles along our road are in place and that the cars are being prepped for winter and equipped with  snow tires today.  Jealous?  Strangely, I actually like this weather with all the dramatic changes.  It is not supposed to be NICE all the time, or......?

Kellie is gone. Boohoo.
Gary is doing great at New Mexico Tech, is happy and might still have some chocolate.
Ryan has a big Swedish flag in his room at Redlands.
Linnea is thinking about packing her bags and glad that she is done running.
Saga, Pumpkin Nr. 1 was dressed as Bat Girl for Halloween.
Elliott, Pumpkin Nr. 2 was dressed as Bat Man.  Annika is being asked if they are twins.
Kevin is happy at school in Arizona and is in love.
C J is going to Jr. College one semester early.

Charlotte has a cousin Carina, who lives near Göteborg.  She creates a Blog called "Infing Funderar".  It is beautiful.  Can be viewed in English too of course.  Her pictures are so beautiful.  I am hooked!  You might want to look too.   You will better understand why we like it here!

We also read a Blog written by Hilary's Dad, Tom Hurley called "Musings of a slowly rotting mind...". He keeps us informed about what goes on at Bailey Flats,  in Oakhurst, Florence Lake, Muir Trail and about Benjamin!   Among other things.  Always interesting, fun, and filled with information and surprises and we constantly look for new chapters.


  1. Truth is:

    You didn't negotiate the price at all.

    The professional inspector you hired informed you, that he didn't inspect any part of water,sewer or electrical systems.

    I told you that this sewer system probably wasn't okay in the long run, since it was amateurish in my eyes, like so many other things in the mill.

    But you just told me that you had talked to so many people that told you; just buy it

    Pick on those persons instead


  2. It looks like as a byproduct you got your back yard area deweeded and excavated. As I recall when we were there it was a great place for the cats to go hunting with lots of tall grass to hide and play in.

    We got our first real taste of winter yesterday with 1.6" of rain and overnight temperatures in the 30's.

  3. .... AND ..... Ralle got a hill to lay on while watching the activity in the neighborhood ! Hares, bikers and strange happenings.

  4. Hello!

    Thanks for writing about my blog! :-)

    Have a nice day!


  5. Goodness! It looks like you’re building a sewer system for a small town! With that kind of apparent capacity I would be tempted to simply sit on the toilet and flush every time the tank refills. What luxury!

    Thank you for the blog plug—I’ll be on the lookout for new readers who appreciate great photography, witty writing, and eclectic subject matter.