Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike

Up early.  Out with the Ralle Nalle (bear).  Stuffed the bed sheets and pillow cases into the washer.  Light breakfast, a few chores.

Oh, beautiful morning!  Off to the shopping center, traded my just finished book "The Girl With Snow In Her Hair" with " The Swan Thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova at the Academibokhandeln.  Then on to the Wine and Spirits store for a bottle of Grappa di Chardonnay to have in our dessert tonight as I am fixing "Affogato".   Ralle, always so patient in the car, he absolutely loves going with us, needed to have a walk. So, on the way home this gorgeous early afternoon we swing by Svedbergs Kullen a forested hill close to our house.  Who do we run into?  Charlotte, Lars and their Chocolate Cup Cake, no no-- I mean their Chocolate Lab!  Ralle thinks Imma is a cup cake though, then coming around the bend is Paula our neighbor across the field, whom you might recall is Melkers Mom.  She has Smillan in tow, another "girl friend" of Ralles, an oooooh so beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog.  So there we ALL are!  Almost the entire  "hood", with our collective dogs this bright and sunny day!  How neat was that?  What were the chances....... other than GMTA as I said.

Ralle greets Lars one of Ralles' favorite friends

Yesterday too was a fun day.  No work for David, so he came along on the Friday morning shopping round.  Fish market, cheese shop and ICA.  Then a quick dog walk by the harbor in Höganäs.  As we come around the corner of the restaurant we meet some Japanese business men who were in total awe of Ralle.  Could they take his picture they asked in their so typically polite Japanese way.  Of course they could!!  Suddenly Ralle and David were totally surrounded by what turned out to be an entire bus load of well dressed Japanese business men............ it was too funny, they ooooohed and aaaaahed touched, nuzzled and patted this dog and took ooodles of pictures.  It was pretty cute.  We left there full well knowing that their visit in quaint little Höganäs would probably be best remembered by their meeting with the Great Pyrenees! Where was Davids' camera, when we needed it most? How typical.....

Tonight after a fabulous dinner, a bubble bath and some good wine, perhaps not in that order, into the bed with the clean sun and wind dried sheets, oooh sheer luxury.  How lucky are we??

It ended up being + 20 some degrees C today!  Changed the menu, BBQed instead.  Flexibility is good. One must take advantage of EVERY day when one can use the Weber!!

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  1. Who’s in charge of keeping that gorgeous copper tub so shiny? Talk about luxury!