Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kellie- our little Dynamo

There she was, tired after the trip to Kastrup, toting back pack, suitcase, and "Chris Bear"!  We were waiting eagerly.  Big hugs!  What joy!

Kellie and Neta walking Ralle
We got to keep her a few days before we put her on the train to Stockholm to start the big adventure.  Did ordinary things, went to the dog show at Sofiero, had dinner with our neighbors, cooked, shopped at ICA, walked Ralle, talked......... one of the highlights was a trip to Oldsbergs Ost a delightful cheese shop in Höganäs where we loaded up on an assortment of delicious cheeses.  Then home we went to brew a big pot of tea, placed bread, crackers and our cheese treasures on a tray, plugged in the movie "Julie and Julia" with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams............ aaah, that was heaven!

Now this brave girl is in Stockholm, going to work using the subway, coping with a new language, dealing with a sore throat................ go get 'em Kellie!!  None of this would have happened without Robert, Kellie's cousin, thank you very much!  He too is a STAR! Robert not long a go, received a highly coveted award from his peers for writing, producing and directing an ad for SVT an organization similar to Public Radio and TV, in the states.

We get Kellie back before she returns to California, so we have more to look forward to, lucky as we are.

Happily I can report that Kellie feels better after a good rest.  Has met a "neighbor".   A girl who just moved to Sweden from the US.  They plan a night out together this evening, so she is already making friends THAT girl!

She is thrilled to have this opportunity, grateful for the privilege.

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