Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Swedish Great Pyrenees National

WOW what a day!  Up early, loaded up the car, forgot the chairs, the car balked, something not right with the battery, but we were committed to be at the show ground/camping area Norje Boke so off we go hoping the car would get us there......... it did.

It was our first Swedish dog show experience  and our first dog show, since David and Maria did the obedience trials with Chico and Silas, long ago.

There is something so nice about being around like minded people!
Many of whom approached us, asking "Oh, isn't this Ralle?"
Ralle got to meet his Mom! An eleven year old "lady" by the name of Jonna. She wanted to play! We also met the owners of Ralles sire. Their daughter actually showed in what I think was the Veteran Class.

The reason we went was because Ralle was competing in the Champion Class, since he already IS a STAR!  Seven Champion male dogs were entered.  Ralle came in as number four!!  He was shown by Jessica Persson and the two of them looked fabulous in the ring!  It was such fun.

The judge was Mrs. Jean Pero from the US.  She was obviously really impressed by the dogs here.
We had planned on staying for the dinner party, but skipped out early partially due to our concern about the car.  It did perform perfectly and nothing seems amiss, so who knows, perhaps we stressed for no reason.  Partially because we felt tired after spending this exiting day outside.  The weather had been absolutely perfect!  All that hobnobbing takes a lot out of you!!  Yep, it was a great day!

Upon our return, David celebrated by pouring Corona and dropping a wedge of lime into the champagne glass that has a Great Pyrenees etched on it, one of the treasures collected this eventful and memorable day.

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