Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photos of Our Roundabouts

Sunds Square in Helsingborg

Inside Dunkers Culture Center

Dunkers view of Sunds Torget

Sofiero Castle

Sofiero Grounds

Sofiero Grounds with Danish Castle across the Sound

View from Top of Our Mill Facing East (Our Neighbors Home)

We thought we would share some photos of our local roundabouts. 


  1. The view across the water to Denmark is intriguing. Both of Karla's parents share Sweden and Denmark as their ancestors' homes.

    The shadow of your mill stretches a very long way! Does the mill have an elevator, or do you simply ascend because you're warmer than the surroundings?

  2. Tom, the distance between Helsingborg (Sweden) and Helsingor (Denmark) is only 2.5 miles across the water. The Swedes and the Danes have had an ongoing feud for centuries.

    The mill is 18 to 20 meters high. No elevator, only Buttock power.

    One of these days you and Karla should stop by and visit. We would love to have you. I know how difficult it is to leave when you have so many critters and a business to take care of. But, if you could manage we would really enjoy showing you around.

  3. See you went to Sofiero again this winter. My desk top during the summer is your photo of Sofiero last winter with a dusting of snow. My winter dssk top is your photo of Skaralid last May. Keep the photos coming. We really enjoy them especially when it is of a place we vivited last summer.